Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek
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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is a wonderful combination of rich cultural heritage, unmatched Himalayan Tibetan culture, other different cultures, and the newly busy trekking region along the Great Himalayan Trail. Manaslu Larke Pass 5,160mtrs trek is developing a trekking trail. Manaslu Trekking needs special permits to enter this region to undertake the magnificent circuit.

Tsum Valley Trek can be a great alternative to the Annapurna circuit trek. Manaslu Tsum Valley trek route provides many tea house treks along the trail; therefore, camping is not necessary unless one goes off the track. As well Tsum Valley offers traditional and remote trekking. Because of the non-violent conservation area and killing of animals is banding.

In Nepal, this is an absolute highlight, with strong, friendly, hospitable people living in Buddhist culture. And not touching wildlife because of Buddhist prohibition on hunting. Tsum comes from the Tibetan word ‘Tsombo’, which means vivid. We can agree that their unique culture has remained intact in these spectacular places.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek has attractive views of Shringi Himal 7,161mtrs, Himalchuli 7,893mtrs, and Nagdi Chuli (Peak 29) 7,871mtrs. Including Mt. Manaslu 8,163mtrs, Ganesh Himal II 7,118mtrs, Simnang Himal 6,251mtrs, Himlung Himal 7,126mtrs, and other beautiful peaks. Trek provides a unique landscape, many species of birds, a diversity of plants, mammals, waterfalls, ancient Gumba, wildlife, and flora fauna.



Arrival in Nepal Airport 1,350M/30 Min.

Welcome to Nepal Himalayas! We pick up you from Tribhuvan International Airport and drop you at your hotel. After resting we come there to brief about our program.

Walking / Driving: Driving


Legal documents and trekking gears preparation day 1,350M.

Require legal documents preparation and trekking gears management for  Manaslu Tsum valley trek.

Walking / Driving: Walking


Kathmandu - Dhading to Sotikhola 7,10M/7-8 hours. /7-8 hours.

Today morning we leave Kathmandu for our trek to Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. Drive by local bus to Arughat through the beautiful Nepalese countryside. Arughat is the gate to the Manaslu Tsum valley trek and a small town in eastern Dhading and west of Gorkha district; explore the surrounding area and overnight near the Buri Gandaki River Bank.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Driving


Sotikhola – Labubensi - Khanebensi to Machhakhola 869M/5-6 hours.

The trek begins through shady sal forests and then climbs up and down for some time to Labubensi 884mtrs. Follow the Buri Gandaki River and through the Gurung village Khanibensi and continue up-river, sometimes climbing and at other times down in the jungle. Crossing near cliffs we have to be careful when walking this path.

Sometimes it may be a problem of traffic with trekkers and donkeys where there is a very narrow trail. “Safe Side” means giving a turn to the donkey if they are coming through from another side. Finally, we reach Machha Khola Gurung village near Fish River (Machha Khola) and Buri Gandaki. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Machha Khola-Khorla Bensi-Tatopani to Dovan 1,070M/4-5 hours.

The starting point crosses the Machha Khola and then passes below large Gurung villages that are far above the track. We pass a few houses, like lower Khorla Bensi 960mtrs which was largely destroyed by huge rocks 22 years ago.

Here they sell their organic coffee. Continuing up and down over a couple of ridges to Tatopani (hot spring) 930mtrs where there are hot water spouts under the sheer cliff.

Walk up the river to a ridge cross Budhi Gandaki on a rickety suspension bridge and arrive in Dovan 1070mtrs. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Dovan-Jagat-Sirdibas to Philim 1,750M/6-7hours.

After breakfast pass Thulo Dunga and Yaruphant and cross to the left bank of the Buri Gandaki. We will reach a neatly flagstoned Gurung village of Jagat, a place for Tibetan trade and a checkpoint of The Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit.

Leaving Jagat, after 10 minutes we cross the suspension bridge of the Dudh Pokhari Khola and walk slightly uphill to Salleri then walk through Nepali flat and gorgeous view of Sringi Himal 7,161mtrs.

We climb up and down to Sirdibas cross a Budhi Gandaki suspension bridge and climb up to Philim for around 45 minutes. Overnight at lodge view of the Himalayas.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Philim- Ekle Bhatti- Lokpa to Chumling 2,386M/7-8 hours.

Leaving Philim we are walking the mountain flat through Eklebhatti and continue through the forest for about an hour to the new bridge. Taking the left-hand trail across the suspension bridge will take you to Larke Pass on the Manaslu route.

We stay to the right which takes us into lower Tsum Valley. The trail climbs up to tall pine trees and beautiful grasslands hugging the mountainside then reaches the gate of Tsum Valley in Lokpa.

This is the lunch after that there is no place to eat before Chumling, 3-4 hours up and down to Chumling, overnight at the lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Chumling-Renjam-Gho to Chhekam park 3,031M/6-7 hours.

Crossing the suspension bridge at the corner of Chumling, the trail goes through small villages and the rich farming land of maize and potato as well as buckwheat.

The houses are classic Tibetan with barricades of firewood and roof terraces along a mountainside trail until Renjam. We will cross the Sarpu Khola on a suspension bridge and climb up to Gho.

Gho is the final place to have something to eat before we push up to Chhekampara. Some simple food is available here before we walk uphill to Chhekampara. After 2-3 hours you will reach the biggest village in Tsum Valley, and overnight at a simple lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Chhekam Park-Lamagaon-Chhule to Mu Gumpa 3,700M/ 7-8 hours.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek trail leads us to explore the joined villages of Chhokang and Paro and climbs north to a retreat where Lama Kongchog died after 26 years of meditation.

His child reincarnation, found in the village, was the subject of the award-winning DVD “Unmistaken child”. Our trek leads to the East passing small villages and past a local school.

Climb over a ridge of Chortens and past Lamagaon 3302mtrs through the flat fields, looking across the extensive crops and fast-flowing river to the huge courtyard of the Rachen Gompa 320mtrs. This nunnery monastery is managed by the main Kathmandu Kapan Monastery.

We can walk up to visit Milarepa Cave, one of the most sacred caves in the Tsum Valley. The great Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milarepa, the famous Tibetan saint, was believed to have meditated here. Again, cross the Shiar Khola to the village of Phurba 3,251mtrs.

Further up to Chhule and have lunch there and after that follow the Shiar Khola and take the way to the left and up to Mu Gompa. Overnight at the Monastery, Mu Gompa with Spectacular Mountains and valley view.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Mu Gompa- Chhule-Pangdun to Rachen Gompa 3,240M/3-4 hours.

We return to our trek back through Yak grazing center cross the Phuchun Khola and follow Shiar Khola to Chhule, Pangdun village passing through Chhortens, past crop fields then left to Rachen Gompa, heading back down the valley we arrive at Rachen Gompa, the biggest nunnery/monastery in the valley and houses nuns belonging to the Ngak-pa sect.

Established in the year 1905 AD, The interiors of this monastery are richly painted with murals depicting Buddhism and its history as well as a brightly colorful carved throne and pillar, and a large prayer wheel overnight at Rachen Gompa.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Rachen Gompa-Lamagon-Chhekam Park-Gho to Chumling 2,386M/5-6 hours.

After breakfast we head across the river to Lamagaon and walk down to Chhekampara Continuing on a small gompa is reached at Gho 2,485mtrs. Following the mountain highway to the right to the Shiar Khola and trail continue to cross to the Chumling overnight at the lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Chumling - Lokpa to Pewa 1,750M/5-6 hours.

After breakfast, we descend to Siyar Khola and cross the old suspension bridge then walk inside the pine and rhododendron forest to the Lungdang Khola cross Box Bridge then will reach Lokpa, which is the first and last place to have hungry lunch.

Having hungry lunch again we descend through grassland, pine, and rhododendron forest to the main trekking trail of Manaslu circuit and gateway to Tsum valley.

We cross the very old box bridge of Buddhi Gandaki River then reach Nyak Phedi continue to cross again to the right side of Buddhi Gandaki River and again cross left to Buddhi Gandaki River then will reach Pewa overnight at the lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Pewa-Deng-Rana-Bihi Phedi to Ghap 2165M/5-6 hours.

These days the trail enters a steep uninhabited gorge and descends through grassy slopes dotted with tall Pine trees via Budhi Gandaki. Beyond Deng, we recross to the east bank and climb up to Rana 1,980mtrs and stay on the trail up to Bhi Phedi 2,130mtrs.

The river roars below except in one place where a rock fall has created a huge dam, continues in and out of canyons across the Serang Khola then reaches a village after that again crosses an old suspension bridge over the Buri Gandaki. After some minutes you will reach the village of Ghap. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Ghap -Namrung - Lihi to Lho 3,180M/5-6 hours.

On this day walk through beautiful rhododendron forests with many birds, staying on the south bank, cross north on a wooden bridge with a deafening narrow ravine below then cross back to the south bank on a second old wooden bridge with Langur monkeys.

The trail climbs up on well-made stairs to Namrung which is a quite good place with hydropower. Here is a trekking permit checkpoint and a view of Sringi Himal and Ganesh Himal on our way to Lihi (place for lunch) Lamagaun (viewpoint of Himalchuli) and continue walking then will reach Lho,

which is a good place for trekkers due to Ribung Gompa and excellent view of Mt. Manaslu 8,163mtrs and other snow peaks from the mani wall at the far end of the village and from the Gompa on the hill to the west. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Lho-Syala to Samagaun 3,525M/3-4 hours.

This short day takes you into the mountains with time to enjoy and acclimatize. Easy walk to Shyala 3,510mtrs up a pine and rhododendron gully with moss and a crystal-clear stream.

Enjoy 360-degree views from here due to a fire and extensive deforestation. Another easy hour to the large village of Samagaun 3,520mtrs, losing the gigantic views of Mt. Manaslu but entering a world of yaks, pastures, and houses which seem to have grown from the stone under Mt. Manaslu.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Rest Day in Samagaun 3,525M.

This is a full day of rest and relaxation so you can wash your clothes and read your book and take a hot shower or choose to acclimatize for Larkya Pass 5,135mtrs.

On this day you can hike to Punggyen Gomba, Manaslu Base Camp, as well as Monastry of Sama village, can visit Birendra Tal on a day hike. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Samagaun to Samdo 3,875M/3-4 hours.

Short day walks because of the high elevation. The trail goes through via the iceberg-covered Birendra Tal 3450mtrs under the Mt. Manaslu glacier, wades the exit stream depending on the time of year, and drops to pick up the main trail from Sama to Samdo.

Easy walking through yak pastures up a broad valley with long mani walls, marmots in all directions standing on their burrows. Eventually, leave the tree line behind, although low-lying juniper is all around, climbing to a ridge and dropping to cross the Buri Gandaki on a wooden bridge.

It takes some time to reach the white Kani above but immediately behind is Samdo 3,875mtrs. From the path passing through Samdo, you can see the main track for Tibet over the Lajyang La 5,098mtrs sloping up to the right-hand valley.

The Larkye La trail is ahead and left. The track to Tibet is currently closed but stocks of timber are being carried up to Samdo by yak in expectation of resumption of trade. The nearest Tibetan town is only one day away from Samdo. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Samdo-Larkye Bazaar to Dharamsala 4,460M/3-4 hours.

The trail descends through fields to an old mani wall and stone curve before dropping to the Budi Gandaki River and crossing on a wooden bridge.

This place shows up on maps as the mythical Larka Bazaar, from here people go to Tibet by way of Lajyang Bhanjyang 4,998mtrs as well as Gyala Bhanjyang 5,375mtrs which used to be a flourishing market, but there is nothing remaining there now.

Another mani wall marks the start of the ascent to the pass where the trail starts climbing through juniper; the huge Larkya Glacier coming from Mt. Manaslu 8,163mtrs can be seen from here. Stay on the ridge to the right to find a trail that crosses over the top of two ravines.

The trail climbs up the side of a gorge to a viewpoint at the edge of a huge gorge at 4,000 meters. Near the Larkya Glacier, we reach Dharamsala (Larkya Phedi, Larkye Rest house) where there is a small lodge. Overnight at Dharamsala 4,460mtrs.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Dharamsala - Larkye Pass 5,160M to Bimthang 3590M/7-8 hours.

The days climb gradually over the ridge behind Dharamsala and beside the large lateral moraine of the Larkye Glacier. The climb is not very difficult but it is long and rocky underfoot, particularly as you top the moraine. Look for cairns and metal snow poles which assist route finding.

Descend past four frozen lakes and make a final tiring climb to the left up to Larkya La 5,160mtrs, the top is marked by prayer flags hanging on snow poles.

It takes about 3-4 hours to reach the pass and it can be very cold and windy with some risk if you pass in the late afternoon.

The peaks to the west are Himlung Himal 7,126mtrs near Tibet and Kang Guru 6,981mtrs, Annapurna II 7,937mtrs range and other peaks. A long descent on loose gravel gives way to a welcome more level area on a grassy moraine, where the angle eases.

The trail now runs left of the large lateral moraine, rocky at times, in a widened and beautiful valley all the long way to very scenic Bimtang 3,590mtrs “plain of sand” a descent of 1,400mtrs in about 3-4 hours. Overnight at lodge.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Bimthang - Yak Kharka-Karche-Gho to Tilije 2,300M/6-7 hours.

After breakfast, we start to walk and after 25 minutes we cross the Kechakyu Khola Glacier and enter the rhododendron forest. If you are in the season of March and April will see the paradise of rhododendron forest with different colors.

The view from the back of Mt. Manaslu 8,163mtrs is equally stunning. The way is rapidly down along the true right bank of the apt name Karche 2,700mtrs, which is the place to have lunch after the 3-4 hours walk.

Then continue steeply over a point and drop to Gurung village Gho 2,515mtrs the first real village after the Samdo. The valley becomes more agricultural as you pass through fields, copses of oak and rhododendron, and overnight at the old Gurung village Tilije.


Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Tilije - Dharapani to Besisahar 760M/5-6 hours.

Exit the village through a stone archway, cross the Dudh Khola and follow along with it as it is descending through the scrub forest.

The walls of the Marsyangdi Valley loom larger and finally join the Annapurna circuit trail at Dharapani village which is the checkpoint for ACAP permits. We catch a public jeep then drive to Besisahar.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Accommodation: Lodges
Walking / Driving: Walking


Besisahar to Kathmandu 1,350M/6-7 hours’ drive.

Besisahar is the district headquarters of Lamjung District. Here we can get a private and local bus as well as can catch mini to Kathmandu through Prithvi Highway and follow the Marshyangdi River passing several Gurung, Magar, and other villages to reach Dumre Bazaar.

Continue on the highway to Muglin and alongside the highway follow the Himalaya rafting river Trishuli River. We arrive back in the capital city of Kathmandu and your hotel.

Itinerary Meal: B+L+D
Walking / Driving: Driving

what's included

  • Airport picks up and drops services.
  • Bus ticket to sotikhola by public bus.
  • Transportation along the trek.
  • Public deluxe bus back to Kathmandu.
  • Drop at Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner along the trek).
  • Lodge accommodation on the way.
  • An experienced guide (including his salary, equipment, insurance, lodging, and food)
  • Equipment; Down Jacket, Sleeping Bag.
  • Legal documents (MCAP permit, Tsum valley permit, Manaslu restricted area permit, and ACAP).
  • Some dry and fresh fruits.
  • All government taxes.
  • Token of Love by the company.
  • Farewell Dinner or lunch is a suitable time.

what's excluded

  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu and other places.
  • Travel insurance in cases of trekking.
  • Cold drinks such as; Coke, Mineral Water, Beer, etc.
  • Personal expenses (laundry, bar bill, telephone, extra helper, battery charge shower, boiled water, and some donations).
  • Tips are expected.

Fixed Departure

departure date price
1 Apr, 2025 - 16 Apr, 2025 $1235 Enquire Now


Stefaine and Nils Mattis Stefaine and Nils MattisSwitzerland 5

Manaslu and tsum valley October 2023

Very type and most professional assistance for our trekking trip. We had fantastic information for the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley trek: Very experienced, communicative, and very flexible. Our information prepared a flawlessly easy day trip throughout the height season. It used to be a first-rate trip, entailing a deep dive into the subculture and superb mountain views. It used to be a lot of exciting and can’t get any better!

We recommended Himalaya Guide Nepal and Bashu Gurung.

Aditya Roy Chaudhary Aditya Roy ChaudharyIndia 5

20 days – Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek – an extraordinary experience! April 2023

The trek I’ve been wanting to take for a very long time is the Tsum Valley and Manaslu trek in Nepal (20 days: Kathmandu to Kathmandu, approximately 180 km + 30–50 km of trekking). a difficult, difficult, yet breathtakingly magnificent walk filled with history and other civilizations. There was enough opportunity to quietly communicate with the lovely & kind people and learn about their everyday lives, families, customs, etc. because it wasn’t too crowded and the tea houses were empty. Please be aware that the entire path is only accessible by mule or horseback, which causes some of the trail to be covered in fly-infested feces. Additionally, it takes between 20 and 45 minutes to traverse dangerous landslides at 4-5 locations.

The Owner of Himalaya Guide Nepal Pvt Ltd., Mr. Chandra Gurung, did a good job organizing the hike. He spoke with courtesy and effectiveness. He made sure that the trek’s itinerary was safe, suitable for my age, level of fitness, and demands, and flexible enough to accommodate changes in the weather and other factors along the way. Even though he has a tiny business, Mr. Chandra Gurung puts a lot of effort into creating good itineraries and experiences for his clients. He provided me with a duffel bag, a high-quality down jacket, a sleeping bag, and a well-organized medical kit (the only team on the entire walk had a complete kit plus an oximeter). When my debit card was lost, he graciously organized for local money. He met me at the hotel after the hike and provide me with a beautiful framed certificate.

Mr. Kumar BK served as my hiking guide. Just 28 years old, kind, professional, and totally committed to responsible and safe trekking! Excellent and compassionate attitude; never left my side from beginning to end while patiently allowing me to stop and take in the events. He imparted his understanding of the people, their culture, flora, and fauna. Every evening, Mr. Kumar gave me a briefing on the plans for the following day, suggested revisions as needed, and recorded the day’s events, including the medical status (general health, oxygen levels, etc.). Most significantly, Mr. Kumar consistently arrived on time, provided service with a smile, and doesn’t use tobacco or alcohol. What a fantastic person and an authentic trek leader. Without question, Mr. Kumar has a promising future.

Mr. Lakpa Tamang was my trek porter. He was considerate, kind, and courteous. He looked out for me the entire walk, keeping a close eye on me and supporting me through the challenging parts. Before leaving, Dad examined my room every day to make sure nothing was left behind. Most essential, Mr. Lakpa abstains from drinking and smoking.

I heartily endorse Mr. Chandra Gurung and his staff at Himalaya Guide Nepal. As was previously stated, this is a small group, so if you’re ready to be patient and respectful, you can count on a beautiful walk. I’d unquestionably go on another expedition with them.

Alexander Fries Alexander FriesDeutsch 5

Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Mar 2023

We booked the 17 days Trek Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley with Himalaya Guide Nepal for March 2023. We had a fantastic time and can’t say enough good things about the agency. The implementation, organization, and communication were all excellent. Particularly outstanding was our guide Dinesh, who accompanied us on the hike with skill, care, and attention. We would most definitely go on another hike with him and the company!

Kenneth Ralph Light Kenneth Ralph LightUSA 5

Spectacular Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek October 2022

Spectacular!! I traveled to Nepal with a party of five men between October and November to trek the Tsum Valley and Manaslu circuit. Amazing in every way. This was my first trip to Nepal, and Chandra’s Himalaya Guide Nepal service was excellent. Chandra handled all of our travel arrangements, which made the vacation that much better because I didn’t have to worry about the small details. The buddies were great, the vacation was flawless, and our guide Bashu was exceptional.

From the minute we landed in Katmandu till we returned to the airport to go home, Chandra managed the procedure flawlessly. Chandra set up a two-day tour with guide Manraj, and the amount of information he provided about the city and, more significantly, the cultures of Nepal, left my head spinning. It was just a truly incredible two days.

Bashu, our trekking guide, was outstanding. He watched over every aspect of our journey and ensured that it was both safe and entertaining. Bashu helped us experience the local cultures, which is something I love to do, by sharing his vast knowledge with us along the route. His empathy for us was quite clear, and he had such a pleasant demeanor. We all enjoyed being around one another. I can’t say enough good things about Bashu, as my travel companions have already said. I won’t soon forget this journey thanks to him.

The Nepali people are nice and gracious. Everywhere we went, people treated us incredibly graciously and kindly. Thanks to the people, I have so many wonderful memories.

I intend to go on another trek when I eventually go back, and I’ll definitely use Himalaya Guide Nepal’s top-notch services. I wholeheartedly endorse them.

Peter Dwane Lord Peter Dwane LordUSA 5

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek – Oct/Nov 2022

My second trek with Himalaya Guide Nepal went exactly as I had hoped it would, and the entire Manaslu & Tsum Valley journey was great. It was quite simple to plan the entire trip with Chandra via email, and once we arrived, from the moment we were picked up at the airport until we departed Nepal, all of our requirements were taken care of. Prior to our hike, Chandra arranged for our five-person party to have a two-day guided tour of Kathmandu, during which we saw the city’s historical districts and numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples. Excellent city exploration over two days.

I have nothing but praise for Bashu, our trekking guide. He took excellent care of us and made sure we had a fantastic experience the entire walk. I have trekked twice with Himalaya Guide Nepal, and I heartily endorse them to anyone thinking of visiting Nepal. Simply put, they are the greatest.

Jack Robert Kenzie Jack Robert KenzieUSA 5

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek 2022

Wonderful experience! Friends urged me to join them on the trip they had planned early 2022 in August 2022. They used Himalaya Guide Nepal for their journey in Nepal in 2018 as well. Even though it was so late, the guide service was kind and let me join the trip. Chandra, our trip planner, did a great job of creating a well-considered schedule. Chandra included two days of escorted sightseeing in Kathmandu before the hike began per my companions’ request. Manraj, our tour guide for these two days, was very educated about Nepali history and gave us a lot of information about the people and places we saw in Kathmandu.

Bashudev led us on a 19-day journey via the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit. Bashu did a great job of keeping us safe, making lodging arrangements in the area, and keeping in touch with everyone. I have nothing but praise for Bashu.

If you are thinking about going on a hike in Nepal, I highly recommend Himalaya Guide Nepal.

Joseph La Baire Joseph La BaireUSA 5

Trip of a Lifetime November 2022

I had always wanted to visit Nepal. I leaped at the chance when my father-in-law asked me to go with him on a trip there. He had previously traveled to Nepal and completed the Annapurna trip with Himalaya Guide. I’m delighted he chose to utilize them once more for our journey on the Manaslu tsum valley hike. We never had to worry about rides, accommodations, meals, guides, or anything else from the time we landed in Kathmandu until the day we departed. We only had to worry about having a good time and taking in all the beauty that Nepal had to offer. My sincere gratitude goes out to Bashu, our guide, who kept us safe and looked after us for 19 days.

I had a fantastic time and heartily endorse this firm to anyone interested in visiting Nepal. If/when I ever go back to Nepal, I’ll absolutely hire them. Chandra (Himalaya Guide Nepal Pvt. Ltd.) and Bashu, thank you.

Michael Sytsma Michael SytsmaUSA 5

An amazing Manaslu and Tsum valley Circuit Trek

Amazing Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek, I worked with Chandra at Himalaya Guide Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and he did an excellent job helping me plan the trip and managing all the paperwork despite the holidays. They picked me up at the airport and set me up in an excellent hotel on the north side of Thamel, and I was very happy about this. This trek itself was absolutely amazing, and Raju my guide was excellent.

He helped me a great deal with communication and finding all the fun things to do at each location along the way as well as being very knowledgeable of the history, geology, and botany of the region. The trail itself is challenging but in excellent condition, and I had no concerns about anything along the way. The tea houses that Raju selected were excellent, and the return to Kathmandu went well. Overall this was an excellent trek with an excellent company which I will highly recommend.

Skip and Nancy Moss Skip and Nancy MossUSA 5

Magical Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Magical Manaslu Tsum Valley. Trekking in Nepal is magical. What makes it magical is not only the place but the people you meet. And the friends you make along the way. In October and November 2012, we spent three weeks trekking with Chandra Gurung as our guide in the Manaslu and Tsum Valley regions of the Himalaya. Every day he guided us through small villages, high valleys, and beautiful peaks. He watched over us on the trails and made sure. So, we had good food at each stop which kept us healthy and safe. He is a very competent guide and speaks English fluently. His medical training was needed when we had stomach and virus problems. He always put his client’s wishes and happiness first.

His infectious laugh made a long journey easy, and we became very good friends. Because he has good knowledge of the area and familiarity with the locals provided us with a wonderful cultural experience. Because we stayed with families and local teahouses. We can heartily recommend him as a well-educated, warm, and friendly guide who will do everything possible to make your trekking in Nepal a perfect experience. We look forward to the day that we can return and trek with our friends in Nepal.

Cesar Bautista Cesar BautistaSpain 5

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek, Amazing Journey

Amazing journey Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek with my wife and daughter in Oct/19. For us, it was the second time in Nepal. And we decided to contract the guide and porters with Chandra company, the best decision I have ever made. Bashu the guide, Hari, and Santa our porters were warm, kind, and friendly. They made it easier to walk for 16 days around the Himalayas. So that discover not only the incredible peaks and landscape but also get in close contact with the people living there. Because of a great experience and big thanks to the Chandra crew for their support. So, Nothing negative to say, a 100% recommended choice.

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