Gokyo Ri Trek Cost

UPDATED ON 19 December, 2023
Gokyo Ri Trek Cost

The cost of the Gokyo Ri Trek per person typically ranges from USD 1,400 to USD 2,500. It includes the price of your permit, travel, lodging, guide, porter, and other expenses.

The price, however, varies according to the time of year you travel and the activities you plan to perform while on your walk.

The breathtaking beauty of the isolated Gokyo valley is a highlight of the Gokyo Ri trip. A valley filled with aquamarine glacial lakes. It offers breathtaking mountain views, including those of Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse, and Mount Nuptse.

Several factors can affect the price of your trip. Similarly, the Gokyo lake lies in the Everest region of Nepal. Therefore, it is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal. 

Several factors can affect the Gokyo Ri Trek Cost or the cost for Gokyo Ri Trekking.

  • The distance you traveled
  • The trekking season
  • How many hikers are in each group?
  • The modes of transportation and lodging you select
  • What kind of meals and beverages you’re receiving
  • You’re receiving additional services, etc.  

Accommodation Cost

The Gokyo Ri trek package includes the cost of your lodging for your Gokyo Ri trip. If you select a luxury package, you will stay in five-star accommodations. Additionally, if you select the standard package, you will stay in three-star accommodations.

Additionally, they will take care of your lodging and have everything ready for you when you arrive.

However, if you are trekking independently, the cost of lodging will be as follows:

On the lower altitudes, you can find decent and conventional lodging. And when you ascend more or reach Gokyo Valley, your options for lodging become more and more limited.

Teahouse trekking is the most widely used trekking method. You will be staying at many tea houses along this trek’s isolated trail.

The majority of tea houses charge between USD 4 and 5 (NPR 400 to 500) per night per bed, which is reasonable. In the off-season, rooms are available for a reasonable price.

Transportation Cost

The largest percentage of your budget will go toward transportation expenses. All domestic transportation expenses, except international, will be covered if you choose to travel with a package.

Here is an estimate of the cost of transportation to Everest Gokyo Ri if you are traveling alone.

The Gokyo Ri journey can be started in one of two ways. One involves taking a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, and the other involves taking a local bus or traveling by road.


If you decide to travel by flight, it will save you a lot of time. From Kathmandu, it will take about 30 minutes to go to Lukla. You will have the opportunity to see stunning mountains from above. The flying price for the Gokyo Ri Trek can be roughly USD 150 (NPR 1,5000) per person.

By Road

Road travel is an additional option. Road travel is an excellent alternative, particularly if you are going in a large group. Local buses and hired jeeps are both options for getting around. The one-way fare for local buses ranges from USD 10 to USD 12 (or NPR 1,000 to 1,200). Lukla can be reached in 6 to 9 hours from Kathmandu. A helicopter ride is another option, however, it is more pricey. As a result, you are free to select any mode of transportation that suits your needs.

Cost of Food and Drinks

In a typical restaurant in Kathmandu, a dinner will run you about USD 5 to 10 (NPR 500 to 1,000).

The eateries offer a wide range of food, both vegetarian and not, for you to pick from. There are additional establishments where you may have nice dining for between USD 25 and USD 50. (NPR 2,500 to 5,000).

The price of the food will rise as you ascend to greater altitudes. Additionally, the selection of food offered in the tea shops will decrease as you approach the Gokyo Valley.

 The most well-liked menu along the trail is Dal-Bhat, a traditional Nepali dish. It is a nutritious dish cooked using organic ingredients. It consists of a dish of dal, greens, and rice with curry vegetables ( lentil soup).

This regional cuisine from Nepal can be found all along the Gokyo Ri Trek route. In addition to the basic fare, Momo, fried rice, etc. are available. The tea establishments also make it simple to find tea, coffee, and soft beverages.

On the lower part of the trail, the average meal costs between USD 2 and USD 3. ( NPR 200 to 300).

Additionally, hot water is available at the tea shops for roughly USD 1 to 2. (NPR 100 to 200). 

Cost of Guide and Porter

While undertaking the Gokyo Ri hike, it is essential to hire a guide or porter. You can navigate the area with the aid of a guide. Additionally, they are crucial for safety reasons because of the Gokyo Ri trek’s difficult and rigorous terrain.

A porter will enable you to get the most out of your Gokyo Ri trek. Your luggage load can be greatly reduced by trekking with a porter.

A guide often charges $20 to $25 (2,000 to 2,500 NPR) per day. A porter typically makes between $15 and $20 (NPR 1,500 to 2,000) a day.

Additionally, a porter-guide is an option. Someone who performs the duties of both a guide and a porter is known as a guide-porter. A guide-porter typically costs between $20 and $23 (NPR 2,000 to 2,300) per day.

To avoid any issues, please employ a certified guide and verify their qualifications before the walk.

Permit Cost

  • You will need a trekking permit from the national parks and the regional government for this Gokyo Ri trek.
  • You will require the following two permits to complete the Everest Gokyo Ri trek:
  • Local Area Permit, each USD 20 (NPR 2,000)
  • Entry permit for Sagarmatha National Park costs USD 30 (NPR 3,000) with VAT.
  • At the Sagarmatha National Park’s Monjo entrance, you can obtain a local area permit. The Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit is available at the Monjo or Kathmandu Tourism Board offices.

Travel Insurance Cost

Your trip itinerary does not include the cost of travel insurance for the Gokyo Ri Trek. While mountain biking, travel insurance is a requirement.

Higher altitude trekking is usually fraught with dangers. Therefore, it is recommended to travel with trustworthy travel insurance. The best place to purchase this is in your nation.

Make sure your trip insurance includes coverage for medical emergencies, evacuation, and elevations up to 6000 meters. To be on the safe side, you can also check for insurance that covers trip cancellation or lost luggage.

You also had to pay about USD 120 (about NPR 1,2000) for each person for travel insurance. However, the price varies according to the policy you select and the length of the insurance.

Equipment Cost

To complete this Gokyo Ri Trek, you will require the necessary tools. Certain items, such as clothing and hiking boots, can be brought from your native country. But for trekking, you also need a lot of other stuff.

In Nepal, several reputable rental businesses provide high-quality trekking equipment. Some of the few items that you can rent are trekking poles, crampons, weatherproof coats, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags. USD 1 to $10 (NPR 100 to 1,000) per day is the price range. This depends on the tools and the caliber of the goods you select.

Gokyo Ri Trek Miscellaneous Costs


In Nepal, you may discover numerous little local shops full of gorgeous handcrafted goods. It will make the ideal, special present for your loved ones. The price of souvenirs varies according to the items and amount purchased.


Tipping is not expected nor is it a part of the culture in Nepal. However, if you are extremely pleased with the service, you can always leave a little tip.

Tipping your guide and porters is crucial because they are the ones who assist you in all complications and ensure that your vacation is joyful and unforgettable. And in the distant area, this is their main source of additional revenue. Therefore, you can somewhat assist them by tipping. 

Warm Water

You will need to get the water boiled before taking a bath because rural and high-altitude areas lack amenities like hot showers. The cost of hot water is approximately USD 5. (NPR 500).

Adapter Ports

You might bring some equipment on the walk with you. As a result, you must pay between USD 2 to $5 (NPR 200 to 500) per hour to charge your phone, camera, or other electronic devices.

Facts Regarding Gokyo Ri Trek Cost

  • In Kathmandu, you can rent the majority of equipment and gear rather than purchasing it. This will significantly lower your expenses.
  • Keep to Dal-Bhat because it is the least expensive and healthiest option. Don’t indulge in pricey meals.
  • Negotiate to get affordable rates on lodging as well as for a guide and a porter.
  • Instead of paying for a tour and a porter separately, consider hiring a guide-porter.
  • use the local transit system. It is the least expensive form of transportation in Nepal.
  • Peak seasons have slightly higher prices than off-peak seasons. You can also go on a trek during the off-season if you want to do it on a budget.


The Gokyo Ri hike offers you the chance to fully experience the allure and excitement of the mountains. You will have to pay for food, lodging, permits, insurance, and other expenses to explore this restricted region in the Himalayas. 

The price of your hike may change based on your preferences for the Gokyo Ri. You will, nevertheless, amass the most undisturbed recollections.