Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek

UPDATED ON 8 September, 2023
Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek route is a fantastic synthesis of various cultural traditions, magnificent natural beauty, and environmental wonders. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek. 

This high-altitude excursion is ideal for thrill-seekers and explorers alike. The breathtaking view and serene setting allow you to forget your worries and concerns and immerse yourself in this paradise.

Manaslu Circuit Trek offers stunning nature scenery that leaves guests in awe. It is regarded as one of Nepal’s top hikes.

You will encounter a variety of local species, geological marvels, the ruins of an old civilization, and some of the best mountain landscapes and panoramas in the world as you travel from town to hamlet and negotiate difficult terrain.

The most beautiful wildflower blooming may be seen in the hills, which turn this landscape into an explosion of color and create an outstanding picture.

With its paths having only been opened in 1992, Manaslu has created a natural barrier separating Nepal from the Tibetan plateau.

In order to experience the wonders of the pristine environment and get up close and personal with the eighth-highest peak in the world, the Manaslu Circuit Trek draws trekkers from all over the world.

Visitors will enjoy seeing intriguing wildlife, natural beauty, the ruins of an old civilization, and some of the best outdoor activities in the world as they travel across challenging terrain from town to village. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery and fantastic wildflower blooms, which turn the surroundings into a riot of color.

Highlights of Manaslu Trek 

  • During a distinctive Nepalese highway driving adventure, take in the picturesque hills, riverbed, and highway communities.
  • Visit serene and well-known rural communities such as Arughat, Soti Khola, Machha Khola, Jagat, and others.
  • Meet and get knowledge of the various local Nepalese populations, including their rural way of life, culture, and religion.
  • Trek across the high Himalayan peaks and take in the warm friendliness of the locals while staying in comfortable teahouses. 

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How to get to Manaslu trek 

The journey to Manaslu is fascinating. From Kathmandu to Soti Khola, the trek starts with an eight-hour drive. The total driving distance from Kathmandu to Soti Khola is around 166 kilometers.

It’s a fantastic experience to drive around the nearby village while admiring the picturesque distant scenery. The trekkers can choose between a private reserve jeep reserve or a sharing local bus that allows many passengers along the way and stops frequently to let out as many loads of passengers as possible, even though the muddy and rough mountain road is a relatively longer journey than having traveled by a private jeep.

Choosing the local bus option, the local bus leaves New Bus Park every morning between 6 and 8 AM normal Nepali time. Also, timing is one of the most important Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek. 

Although the cost of the local bus varies from $7 to $10 based on the time of year you travel as well as the transportation provider, the cost is slightly higher for visitors than for locals.

Since there are only a few buses available for this route each morning, it is possible that you will experience crowded seating on a local bus. If you are using a local bus, you must take extra precautions. There are too many passengers, and they don’t care about spoiling one another.

In spite of this, renting a local jeep is a comfortable and private option to travel along this road. Booking one costs about $160 to $180, and it can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

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Best Time to Travel in Manaslu

Best Time to Travel in Manaslu

If you are a little bit more prepared, you may trek to Manaslu any time of year. However, the two most popular times to visit Nepal for trekking, including the Manaslu region, are in the spring season (March to May), immediately following the winter (Dec to Feb), and in the autumn season (September to November), immediately following the soggy monsoon or rainy season.

Most days in the Autumn are somewhat warm and stable, with a bright sky and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. At this time of year, the weather is ideal for climbing a mountain to go trekking in the Himalayas.

Without having to worry about the temperature or weather, it is ideal for walking. The vista is magnificent at this time, and the trek allows you to take in the breathtaking Himalayan panorama.

The greatest time of year to go hiking is in the spring. Additionally, the sky is clear and the temperature these days is a little warmer than it was during the Autumn season.

In the springtime, the view is particularly beautiful. Therefore, knowing the best time for travel is one of the most important Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek. 

For a mountain trek, the winter season is less ideal than the autumn and spring seasons. It is quite chilly and arid during this time of year outside, especially at the higher altitudes of the climb.

The majority of the sites are covered in deep snow on the routes, making it difficult to travel and prepare for the terrible weather. However, practically every day the sky is clear and the scenery is breathtaking. If you are well-prepared with additional warm clothing, trekking in the winter is still worthwhile.

Manaslu is not a recommended location for trekking, although shorter treks like Poon Hill, Dhampus Trek, and Nagarkot Hike are still achievable with modest expectations for the scenery. 

Leeches, rain, and clouds are constant hazards on the trails, yet you occasionally could get lucky and catch a glimpse of the mountains. Although warmer, the season is wet. 

Manaslu Trek Difficulty 

A visitor views Manaslu from inside a cloud

One of the high-altitude treks in Nepal is the Manaslu Trek. It is a somewhat difficult walk that gets you to the greatest elevation of 5180 meters above sea level (Larke La).

The Manaslu trek’s highest elevation is at this location. Therefore, one of the notable intimidating aspects when walking in the Manaslu region is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). While going to such a high-elevation place, travelers should be cautious of taking all essential precautions.

A few nutritious foods and drinks can greatly aid in preventing high-altitude sickness. It is essential to insist on getting plenty of water, soups, and a good night’s sleep.

You need to be well prepared in advance if you intend to travel to Nepal to go hiking in the Himalayas. In the Himalayas, the weather is very erratic.

Therefore, it is imperative to bring the necessary hiking gear for a climb to Manaslu. If you are ready to climb this mountain and are well-prepared? If you are determined and passionate about adventure trekking, this journey won’t be too challenging for you.

Additionally, with a little bit of extra work, this trek may be completed by both expert and novice enthusiasts. Although this trek might be relatively simple for seasoned hikers, it doesn’t mean newbies shouldn’t attempt it. Instead, they should take extra precautions with regard to their diet, general health, and level of fitness.

This walk does need a certain level of physical preparedness and attitude, but those who are both physically and mentally prepared may find it simpler to achieve. 

Beginners who want to participate in this hiking experience should start exercising by jogging, walking, playing games, and practicing meditation. The greatest approach to getting ready for your upcoming vacation to the Himalayas is with these. 

Travel Insurance for Manaslu Trekking

Everywhere you go, especially when walking in the mountains, travel insurance is a need. If you intend to go to the Manaslu region at such a high altitude, getting travel insurance is a great idea.

It serves as a safety net for your journey to make it more worthwhile and pleasurable. It assists in protecting your life at all costs from any virtual world coroners. Any of us could encounter unforeseen circumstances or scenarios while traveling in such high altitudes at any time. 

Therefore, having this is one of the most important Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek. While purchasing, there are a few questions you should ask the travel insurance company. 

The medical evacuation, which must include an emergency helicopter rescue from the High Mountains up to 6,000 meters, must be covered by your travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance may provide coverage for unforeseen events such as theft, natural disasters, lost luggage, missed flights, and damage to everything including cameras and cell phones. be sure that everything is covered just in case, and make sure you contact them twice by phone or email. 

Food and Accommodation at Manaslu Trek 

Food(Pizza) while doing Manaslu Trek

You will normally stay at the hiking lodges or tea houses while on the Manaslu Trek. The tea houses’ accommodations are very simple and far from the life of luxury; they offer common rooms with beds, blankets, pillows, and a tiny table.

But in addition to offering delicious meals, all of the teahouses in this region also offer free Wi-Fi, hot showers, and charging stations. Nepal’s mountain culture is reflected in the food that you will consume at the same location where you spend the night. 

At their lodge, they will provide all of the meals for its visitors. Therefore, knowing this is one of the most important Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek.

There are many different meal options available on the menu in addition to the foods, but as you go up in price, your options get more limited. Nevertheless, the portions are still ample and full.

Dal Bhat, Pasta, Chowmein, omelet, fried potatoes, Bread, noodles, pancakes, Chapati, and soups are typically included on the tea house’s menu. Although it is available, it is not advised to eat meat in the highlands.

As you climb higher on the route, teahouses only offer basic amenities with twin shared rooms, and rates for a room in this area run from $5 to $10. The majority of the rooms contain two single beds in this space, each with a thin mattress, a set of bed sheets, and a pillow.

Toilets are essentially located outside of each hotel room or tea shop in this region. When there is a supply of water in buckets, it is typically shared.

You must pay an additional fee that the firm typically does not include if you want amenities like a hot shower, Wi-Fi, and charging stations. 

Useful Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Pack the proper trekking essentials to avoid disappointment. Since down jackets and sleeping bags are the most expensive items on the list, if you trek with a local firm or guide, they usually provide them for free, saving you money. 

Inquire with them whether it is offered to you. There are a few hiking shops in Kathmandu that sell inexpensive to high-quality trekking and climbing equipment, so the remainder of your equipment can be brought there.

You always run the danger of developing acute mountain sickness (AMS) if you are trekking in the upper Manaslu region. Be mindful of the foods and liquids you consume. Increase your water intake and take all the required safety measures to guard against altitude sickness. Eating a balanced diet of nutritious food could prevent AMS.

If you choose to hike to Manaslu, keep in mind that it is a multi-day ascent at high altitudes that calls for a particular level of physical fitness and unwavering resolve to complete the route. Before heading up to the highlands, make sure you are in good health and shape.

Although the walk is not strenuous, the high elevation at which you will be spending a few days makes it tough. One month prior to the walk, engage in some aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming, and jogging.

Avoid carrying a lot of empty water bottles because every tea shop along the route sells normal water.

Important  Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek

Choosing a proper itinerary

Choosing a proper itinerary is one of the very important  Things to know before going to Manaslu Trek. Avoid trying to cut back on the amount of days spent on high-altitude terrain above all else. Allow time for acclimation, bad weather, regional celebrations, or staying an extra day to take in a beautiful view. 

Expecting to conquer the mountains in one trip is unrealistic; mastering the Himalayas would require a lifetime of study. Watch out for those who wish to shorten the trip to make more money to sell more holidays.

Choosing the Best Time for Travel

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is suitable throughout the entire year. The most enjoyable seasons in terms of weather and landscape, though, are spring and fall. Trekking is possible in September, although if the monsoon ends later than planned, there is a potential for cloudy weather.

March can be a great season to travel, even if it could be more laid back and there might still be winter snow at higher elevations. These seasons are the busiest times on the trail. The off-season makes summer/monsoon and winter more tranquil.

Due to the severe weather, trekking during these seasons might be challenging. Even seasoned travelers may be surprised by the complex weather patterns in the Himalayas. Avoid July and August if you can because they could bring heavy monsoon rains to the Manaslu Region.

Doing proper training before the trek 

Carrying heavy loads through the high-altitude terrain is difficult. Being in shape prior to setting out on the trek is essential for a successful trip to the Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you are physically fit before the trip, your chances of finishing the Manaslu Circuit and taking in the landscape will be higher. You don’t have to be in shape or ripped. 

Additionally, the greatest altitude reached on the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a commendable 5106 meters. Being physically fit is therefore necessary to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Even though some say it’s easy, you shouldn’t move on hastily without taking the experience into account.

Train to adapt to the Environment 

Allowing ample time for acclimation is another fantastic tip for a successful hike on the Manaslu Circuit. Acclimatization is the best method for preparing your body for the high altitude. If you want to complete your journey smoothly and securely, take your time acclimating. The hurriedly completed voyage, which is the main reason why individuals don’t finish the walk, might not be to your liking.

Doing Proper Packing 

The majority of what you pack will depend on how far you’re going, the weather, and how at ease you are with living simply during that time. You should be able to fit all of your necessities into a single backpack that is 30 to 40 liters or 50 to 70 liters in size for journeys lasting two to five days. Taking superfluous stuff is a common mistake made by hikers.

Therefore, don’t bring more than you absolutely need. mostly because you don’t often use them. Create a packing list first, then pack your bags. Any unneeded goods from the list should not be included in your luggage.

Stay calm and bring positivity to the trek

Travelar Read For Manaslu Trek

Before starting a lengthy mountain hike, you should practice mental toughness. Understanding and accepting these variances is the first step in mental preparedness. It is really difficult to foresee what your path would include. 

Maintaining a healthy mental state is equally as crucial as maintaining a good physical state. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let your guard down while feeling frustrated at high altitudes. 

Make room in your calendar for contingencies as well so you won’t freak out if your plans don’t pan out. For trekking, not many talents are required. Generally speaking, you can trek if you can walk. There are a few basic rules to follow when undertaking the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Just as a long-distance runner does not spring until he is worn out and then walks along, you must pace yourself when traveling. Take short steps and deep breaths when climbing steep slopes or a long incline. Additionally, avoid going barefoot across rivers or streams because twisted ankles spell disaster.

Avoid hard drinks before and during the trek

Soda, cokes, alcohol, and juices that seem nutritious are the unhealthiest alcoholic beverages that you should never eat. Drinking sugary beverages while hiking is generally not a good idea and is worse than enjoying delicious meals or treats.

In general, drinking alcohol at a higher altitude makes critical issues like hypothermia worse. These drinks can also cause dehydration since they lower your body’s water content. Therefore, stay away from alcohol and soft drinks while trekking the Manaslu Circuit.

Eat Healthy Food before the Trek

Vegetables are full of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while being low in calories and fat. Trekkers should be aware that the stomach is less tolerant of high altitudes than the lungs. High elevations cause food to be swallowed more slowly.

Choosing foods that are easy to digest makes sense. Since they are prepared freshly and with healthful ingredients, vegetarian meals are healthier during the entire stroll. All soups, especially those with garlic, keep you warm and aid in avoiding altitude sickness because they are nutritious.

Learn About the Cultures of the Region

As important to travel as the scenery are the people and their cultures. Understanding appropriate behavior and customs enables one to act in a polite manner and to respect the local way of life. Even if you don’t have a tradition or a wish, accept your duty as a tourist. Sherpas are one of the nicest and warmest people in the world.

As fascinating as they are beautiful, their culture and customs are fascinating as well. Do they have any aspects of their culture that puzzle you? They’ll surely clarify some of your concerns. Similar to this, you will see religious buildings and monuments when you are in court. This encapsulates their genuine ideas and views surrounding their particular faith: “Honor also these magnificent holy items.”

FAQs related to the Manaslu Trek 

Can you trek Manaslu without a Guide?

Not at all; a guide is required for the Manaslu Trek. Manaslu Circuit trekkers are not permitted to travel alone on the restricted route. Solo access has been limited in the area by the government of Nepal.

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek safe?

In general, most consider the Manaslu Circuit trek to be a secure journey. The quality of the equipment used, the weather, the trekkers’ physical condition, the guide’s knowledge and skills, and the guide’s qualifications are just a few of the factors that influence how safe the trek will be.

Why is Manaslu Famous?

The Manaslu Circle Trek is regarded as one of Nepal’s finest treks because of its extraordinary natural beauty and distinctive cultural experiences.

How many days will it take to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

Generally, the Manaslu circuit trek lasts for around 14- 17 days. It depends on the itinerary you choose. 

What are some of the things that I need to pack for Manaslu Trekking?  

Some of the things that you need to pack for your Manaslu trekking are: 

  • UV protection: Sunglasses. Sunhat. Sunscreen.
  • Headwear: A cap that is warm. Buff.
  • Bodywear: Underwear. Athletic bra. a base layer.
  • Handwear: Gloves inside. Exterior gloves.
  • Footwear: socks for hiking. Thermal underwear.
  • Backpacks: carry-on bag. a backpack.
  • slumbering accouterments: bag for sleeping. 


One of the most picturesque treks in the Himalayas is the Manaslu journey. It is a less-traveled journey with some of the region’s most breathtaking scenery. For all of us who enjoy spending time in nature in a serene setting with an authentic experience and friendly hospitality, this journey is the ideal opportunity.

Adventure seekers wishing to get away from the large crowds of Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna should consider the Manaslu Trek. In terms of varied geography, distinctive culture, lovely scenery, and panoramic mountain sights, this walk is an incredible journey.

Things like permits, equipment, safety, and culture are important to know before going to Manaslu Trek. In this blog, thank you.

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