Top 11 Best Trekking Packages in Nepal-2024

UPDATED ON 30 January, 2024
Top 11 Best Trekking Packages in Nepal-2024

Trekkers will find Nepal to be a haven with its diverse landscape and beautiful paths; our trekking packages in Nepal are a great way to explore different aspects of the country and ensure an amazing experience. With routes designed to suit every level of experience, you can truly enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas.

The top 11 trekking packages available in Nepal Provided by Himalaya Guide Nepal are listed below.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Most of us would be thrilled to stand 8,848.86 meters above the earth atop Mount Everest in a perfect world. Most of us won’t be able to accomplish this, realistically! But you can reach Everest Base Camp if you’re in good shape and have a lot of willpower! And let me tell you, without having to hike up to the top for weeks, the views of Everest from Kalapatthar are the most breathtaking!

Traffic on the Trail to Everest Climbing

After reading through our sections on the Everest Base Camp Trek, you should have all the knowledge you need to choose when to undertake this trek, what to pack for the EBC trek, and some of the trek’s main features. This is among the world’s greatest trekking trails, in our opinion. 

If you want to explore and experience the world’s top trek place you can join the Everest Base Camp Trek, It offers one of the Best trekking Packages in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • Admire the grandeur and enormity of Mount Everest as you stand at its foot.
  • From Kalapatthar, also referred to as the Everest viewpoint, observe the sun setting over Mount Everest.
  • Arrive at Lukla’s high-altitude Hilary Tenzing Airport, a unique experience
  • See Sherpa villages with their yak herders and people who resemble Tibetans.
  • Remain at Namche Bazaar, where all Everest treks begin.
  • Be astounded by the icy splendor of the Khumbu Icefalls and Glacier.
  • Learn a little bit about the Sherpa way of life during the crucial days needed for acclimatization. Travel through Sagarmatha National Park, which is home to rare species of plants and animals.
  • Trace the path used by Sir Edmund Hillary and numerous other well-known climbers by visiting Tengboche Monastery, which has a deep spiritual link.

Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek

A luxurious trip to Everest Base Camp is the ideal way to experience one of the most well-known and worthwhile trekking routes in the world. 

The Everest Base Camp Luxury trek, arguably the world’s most amazing walk, offers an unparalleled opportunity to trek in the Himalayas, the same region where Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary embarked on their historic journey in 1953. Acclimatization and a social walk into the stunning Sherpa heartland of the Khumbu Valley are also included in the vacation.

The opportunity to stay at the finest opulent hotels in the area and get a taste of the typical Himalayan way of life is another amazing aspect of the trip. Savor the breathtaking view of the Himalayan range near the Khumbu region, which includes four of the world’s six highest peaks, Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Cho Oyu, which tower over everything in their path.

Mount Everest Picture from Tyangboche-Monastry

Take a peek at the life of the Sherpas, the renowned climbers, besides trekking. The walk offers an incredible opportunity to see the highest Buddhist religious community on Earth and to view the Sagarmatha National Park, a world-renowned legacy site including a variety of Himalayan vegetation.

Highlights of the Everest Luxury Trek

  • Traveling via Namche Bazaar, the Everest entry point
  • Discover the 200-year-old Tyangboche and Pangboche monasteries, as well as the fabled Sherpa people and their unique customs and culture.
  • Sweeping views of the several magnificent Himalayan peaks.

Everest Three Passes Trek

The Everest Three Pass trek adventure starts as we board a scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. And then we trek towards Namche Bazaar, the home of Sherpas. After acclimatizing at Namche for two nights, we follow the popular Everest trail. Through Tengboche, Dingboche, and rest for another day at Chukkung; before crossing the first high pass of Kongma La at an altitude of 5,535m. Then we will be visiting Everest Base Camp via Lobuche and Gorakshep following a hike up to Kalapathar for panoramic views of snow-capped mountains including Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and other neighboring peaks.

Everest Three Pass Trek - Trekking Packages in Nepal

In Nepal’s Khumbu region, the Everest Three Passes Trek is one of the most fulfilling and genuinely unique trekking experiences. After overcoming Everest Base Camp (5,364 meters) as the first difficulty, you will go on to conquer the elevations of Renjo La (5,360 meters), Cho La (5,420 meters), Kongma La (5,535 meters), and Kala Patthar (5,545 meters). It is one of the best trekking packages in Nepal and offers the best opportunity to explore three passes at once.

One of the hardest hikes in the Everest region is to reach the Three High Passes of Everest due to its high altitude and sharp inclination. But the breathtaking vistas make the difficult trek worthwhile, and the Khumbu region of Nepal offers an experience of natural and cultural grandeur that will take your breath away. 

Meet friendly Sherpas, and explore their settlements, culture, and traditions on the Everest Three Passes trek. Best months: March-May, September-December, featuring Tengboche Mani Rimdhu and Dumje festivals.

While prior experience is not necessary, completing the Everest Three Passes Trek successfully will undoubtedly demand good physical and mental health, exceptional endurance, and a strong sense of will.

Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

Additionally, planned to showcase the striking beauty of the Khumbu region. pacifying the several villages strewn throughout. Experience Sherpa culture in opulence with the Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek. You can adjust our Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek to suit your preferences and timetable.

The activities you choose to perform in the Everest Region will determine the ideal time to visit Everest Base Camp. Trekking is best done in the spring (March to May) or fall (October to November), however, heli tours can be done anytime the weather is suitable, excluding the monsoon season

Winter shouldn’t be ruled out either; provided you’re prepared for low temperatures, you’ll be fortunate enough to see stunningly clear mountain views. Below, you will find a few important points to think about while deciding when to visit Everest Base Camp.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Right from Pokhara, the Annapurna range tantalizes your hunger for mountain vistas. This is even before embarking on the journey. You may see Machapuchare, Annapurna South, and Hiunchuli in clear sight from Ghandruk. On the way to Sinuwa, the trek treats you to views of the various peaks of the Machapuchare and Annapurna massif. Machapuchare’s tip teasingly points at Dovan. Upon emerging from the forest beyond Himalaya and Deurali, Machapuchare unfolds in all its splendor.

The Nepalese hold Machapuchare, the “fish-tailed mountain,” in high regard due to its breathtaking beauty. It’s thought to be one of Lord Shiva’s residences. It has never been summited formally! You may get up close and personal with Machapuchare at the Machapuchare base camp, as well as with Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Gangapurna, and Hiunchuli.

The Annapurna Base Camp is a small grouping of lodges opposite the Annapurna glacier. Gazing upward from the glacier’s edge, the Annapurna mountain range is immediately in front of you. When your eyes fall upon them, Annapurna I, III, and South, Gangapurna, Gandharvachuli, and Machapuchare all rise to greet you.

Difficulty of Annapurna Trek 

Annapurna Base Camp walk is a moderate-difficult hike on a difficulty level ranging from easy to severe. In six days, you ascend from 2,760 feet at Pokhara to 13,550 feet at your destination. It’s a moderate hike through Nepali villages for the most part. Still, the going gets tougher as you approach Annapurna Base Camp. It takes over nine hours to walk down after ABC. This raises the difficulty of the trek to moderate. For seasoned hikers, this is a nice trek.

This is the time of year when the slopes are completely free of snow. But, you will still see snow patches on the ground above 12,000 feet. Springtime brings lovely 20°C daytime temps. However, it falls to nearly zero levels at night. The temperature can drop to about 15 °C during the day if the sun sets behind clouds and it starts to rain.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the best-renowned trekking routes in the world, presenting a blend of breathtaking natural surroundings, various landscapes, and cultural immersion. Situated inside the Annapurna place of Nepal, this trek encircles the Annapurna Massif, supplying trekkers with a panoramic view of a number of the sector’s highest peaks, such as Annapurna I (8,091 meters), Dhaulagiri (8,167 meters), and Manaslu (8,163 meters).

The trek commonly starts offevolved from the metropolis of Besisahar and follows a zigzag path, relying on the choice and time constraints of the trekkers. The trail passes through lush subtropical forests, charming villages inhabited by way of various ethnic groups together with Gurungs, Magars, and Thakalis, terraced fields, rhododendron forests, and high alpine meadows. Along the manner, trekkers come upon numerous suspension bridges spanning deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, and serene mountain lakes.

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is calling to everybody who has a desire to explore and experience one of the highest trekking passes in the world. This trip, which is well-known as one of the greatest trekking packages in Nepal, guarantees an incredible experience. As you traverse Thorong La Pass, one of the highest trekking passes globally, the sense of accomplishment is unparalleled.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Highlights

Semeykin Annapruna Review 2023
Thorong La Pass

One of the highlights of the Annapurna Circuit Trek is crossing the Thorong La Pass, which stands at an elevation of 5,416 meters, making it one of the highest trekking passes in the world.

The crossing of the skip requires careful acclimatization and coaching because of the excessive altitude and unpredictable weather conditions. However, the experience of success upon accomplishing the summit and the awe-inspiring views of the encircling Himalayan peaks make it a memorable revel-in for trekkers.

The trek also gives opportunities for cultural immersion, as trekkers can visit historic monasteries, Buddhist stupas, and traditional mountain villages along the way. Hospitality is an indicator of the neighborhood groups, and trekkers frequently have the threat of living in teahouses run by nearby families, experiencing actual Nepalese delicacies and hospitality.

The Annapurna Circuit Trek can vary in length, usually starting from 10 to 21 days, depending on the specific itinerary and side trips selected by trekkers. The best time to undertake the trek is at some stage in the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is normally strong, and the perspectives are clean.

Upper Mustang Tea House Trek

The Upper Mustang Tea House Trek is a captivating adventure via the far-off and culturally wealthy region of Upper Mustang in Nepal. Unlike the Annapurna Circuit Trek, which is nicely trodden and gives several teahouses for lodging, the Upper Mustang Tea House Trek is a rather more recent direction, supplying trekkers with the possibility to explore the hidden treasures of Mustang even as enjoying the consolation of tea houses alongside the manner.

Upper Mustang, additionally referred to as the “Forbidden Kingdom,” changed restrained to outsiders till 1992, maintaining its historical Tibetan subculture and pristine landscapes. The region boasts a specific structure, with whitewashed mud-brick homes, monasteries perched on cliffs, and intricately carved caves courting again centuries.

The trek normally starts offevolved from the metropolis of Jomsom, available using a quick flight from Pokhara, or an extended trek from decrease Mustang. From Jomsom, trekkers follow a path that winds through barren valleys, rugged terrain, and picturesque villages, providing breathtaking views of the Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri mountain stages.

Upper Mustang Tea house Trek

If you aspire to delve into the rich tapestry of culture, history, and diverse landscapes in Mustang, the Upper Mustang Tea House Trek is your gateway to an unparalleled adventure. Recognized as one of the best trekking packages in Nepal, this journey unveils the mystique of the Mustang region.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is an enthralling journey that takes trekkers around the 8th highest mountain in the global, Mount Manaslu (8,163 meters), inside the remote and pristine Manaslu area of Nepal. This trek is famous for its beautiful mountain vistas, diverse landscapes, wealthy cultural background, and comparatively untouched trails, imparting an off-the-beaten-course experience for trekking enthusiasts.

The trek generally starts in the town of Arughat or Soti Khola, on hand with the aid of a protracted pressure from Kathmandu, and follows a path that circumnavigates Mount Manaslu in a clockwise route. Trekkers traverse a lot of terrain, along with lush forests, terraced fields, glacial valleys, and high mountain passes, presenting an ever-changing backdrop of natural splendor.

Getting ready for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

One of the highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is crossing the Larkya La Pass, which stands at an elevation of 5,160 meters, imparting astonishing panoramic views of the encircling Himalayan peaks, which includes Manaslu, Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, and Ganesh Himal. The crossing of the bypass is challenging and calls for the right acclimatization, but the feeling of accomplishment upon accomplishing the summit is unprecedented.

Manaslu Two Passes Trek

The Manaslu Two Passes Trek is a hard and profitable trekking journey that takes trekkers via the far-flung and beautiful landscapes of the Manaslu location in Nepal. This trek is distinct from the classic Manaslu Circuit Trek as it traverses two high mountain passes: the Larkya La Pass and the Nubri La Pass, supplying trekkers with a fair greater experience of feat and breathtaking views.

The trek commonly starts within the town of Soti Khola or Arughat, following a comparable direction because the Manaslu Circuit Trek is first of all. However, after accomplishing Samagaon, instead of continuing clockwise around Mount Manaslu, trekkers head north closer to the Nubri Valley, wherein the Nubri La Pass awaits.

Larkya La Pass  - Best Trekking Packages in Nepal

The first and foremost venture of the trek is crossing the Larkya La Pass, status at an elevation of 5,106m meters. This skip offers panoramic perspectives of the encircling Himalayan peaks, such as Manaslu, Himalchuli, and Ganesh Himal.
Before attempting the crossing, trekkers must acclimatize well and prepare for the altitude and challenging terrain.

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

The Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is a fascinating journey through the Langtang National Park, main trekkers to the sacred Gosaikunda Lakes nestled high inside the Langtang Himalayas of Nepal. It is one of the best trekking packages in Nepal to explore Gosaikunda Lakes.

This trek combines the stunning herbal splendor of the Langtang vicinity with the nonsecular importance of the Gosaikunda Lakes, making it a famous preference for those searching for adventure and cultural exploration.

The trek normally starts offevolved inside the town of Syabrubesi, reachable with the aid of a scenic pressure from Kathmandu, and follows a trail that winds through lush forests, picturesque villages, and alpine meadows. Along the way, trekkers are dealt with breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, along with Langtang Lirung (7,227 meters), Ganesh Himal, and Dorje Lakpa.

One of the highlights of the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is reaching the sacred Gosaikunda Lakes, a cluster of glacial lakes located at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. According to Hindu mythology, Gosaikunda is thought to be the domicile of the Hindu deities Shiva and Gauri, and pilgrims from Nepal and India visit the lakes during the yearly pageant of Janai Purnima in August.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is an epic adventure that takes trekkers to the bottom of the third maximum mountain in the global, Mount Kanchenjunga (8,586 meters), positioned on the border between Nepal and the Indian nation of Sikkim. It is one of the best trekking packages in Nepal and offers a unique opportunity to explore far-flung and pristine landscapes, come across numerous ethnic cultures, and witness breathtaking perspectives of some of the best peaks within the Himalayas.

The trek generally starts within the town of Taplejung in jap Nepal, available by a flight or long force from Kathmandu, and follows a path that winds through dense forests, alpine meadows, and conventional mountain villages. Along the way, trekkers are dealt with panoramic views of Mount Kanchenjunga and its surrounding peaks, in addition to glimpses of rare wildlife consisting of the snow leopard, red panda, and Himalayan black undergo.

Mount Kanchenjunga - Trekking Packages in Nepal

One of the highlights of the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is attaining the Pangpema Base Camp, situated at an altitude of over 4,000 meters, which offers lovely perspectives of Mount Kanchenjunga and its towering glaciers. Trekkers also can visit the nearby Yalung Glacier and the sacred glacial lake of Ramche, adding to the feel of adventure and exploration.

Ruby Valley Trek

The Ruby Valley Trek is a hidden gem nestled in the Ganesh Himal vicinity of Nepal, It is one of the best trekking packages in Nepal providing trekkers with a unique and stale-the-crushed-path journey through picturesque valleys, lush forests, and traditional villages. This trek allows disc.0over the herbal beauty and cultural background of the vicinity at the same time as enjoying breathtaking views of the encompassing Himalayan peaks.

Ruby Valley Trek

The trek commonly starts offevolved inside the town of Syabrubesi, on hand through a scenic force from Kathmandu, and follows a trail that winds via terraced fields, rhododendron forests, and alpine meadows. Along the manner, trekkers are dealt with stunning views of the Ganesh Himal variety, inclusive of peaks including Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, and Langtang Lirung.

One of the highlights of the Ruby Valley Trek is accomplishing the picturesque Ruby Valley, named for its wealthy pink rhododendron blooms that carpet the hillsides for the duration of the spring season. Trekkers can explore the tranquil valley, interact with nearby communities, and learn about conventional farming practices and ways of life.


A journey to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is captivating, ensuring a return for more adventures. Whether craving adventure sports or a tranquil escape, Nepal offers all you need for a memorable vacation. We believe that this list of the Top 11 Nepal trekking Packages has given you all the information you require to begin planning your trip to Nepal.