The Immigration Department Has Extended Nepal’s Service Hours

PUBLISHED ON 16 February, 2024
The Immigration Department Has Extended Nepal’s Service Hours

Extended Nepal’s Service Hours: In a substantial change geared toward improving efficiency and accessibility, the Immigration Department has introduced the extension of its service hours, which is powerful right now. 

It has already started from 13th Feb 2024. The department will now operate from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM until further notice, presenting a prolonged window for individuals searching for numerous immigration offerings.

Previously, the limited service hours, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, regularly posed challenges for the general public, specifically throughout public vacations and emergencies. Recognizing the inconvenience induced, the decision to extend the carrier hours displays a proactive technique by using the Immigration Department to serve each domestic and global citizen.

Director-General Rudra Singh Tamang highlighted the purpose behind this choice, bringing up the transition to virtual systems for e-visa applications as a pivotal element. He stated, “After transitioning to digital systems for e-visa packages, we determined delays in visa processing, specifically in areas including Europe and America.

These delays ultimately impacted traveler arrivals in Nepal. Hence, the extension of carrier hours pursuits to streamline and expedite the visa processing procedure.”

The extension of carrier hours will permit the branch to cater to a much wider range of offerings during the additional operational time. Director Revati Raman Sharma mentioned the offerings to be provided at some stage in those prolonged hours, including processing: 

Service delivered on extension Time(before 10:00 AM and after 5:00 PM)

  1.  E- Visa Services 
  2. Tourist Visa Extension
  3. Non-Tourist to Tourist  Visa Conversion 
  4. Non-Tourist Visa Insurance
  5. Trekking Permit Insurance

To accommodate the web charge device, visa charges can now be paid completely online before 10:00 AM and after 5:00 PM due to financial institution closures. Director Tamang elaborated on the available online charge channels, pointing out, “Various online structures including FonePay, connect IPS, and wallets can be utilized for payments. 

However, it is essential to note that currently, pockets and online services are included simplest within the Mahalaxmi Auditor General’s Revenue Accounting System. Efforts are underway to integrate other wallets into the gadget to streamline the fee manner further.”

In light of the prolonged working hours, preparations have been made to provide extra repayment to personnel by the Ministry of Finance’s pointers. Furthermore, Director Tamang emphasized the importance of flexibility, suggesting that personnel managing emergencies, transportation problems, or different constraints can favor working from home till 8:00 PM. 

He emphasized, “With our present online device, we can track the ongoing progress of employees remotely. Our closing goal is to transition in the direction of a paperless device within the future.”

Extended Nepal’s Service Hours The desire to increase issuer hours displays the Immigration Department’s commitment to improving carrier extremely good, accessibility, and performance. By leveraging virtual technology and adopting bendy strategies, the department targets to fulfill the evolving needs of its stakeholders while making sure of a continuing immigration experience for all.