NTB Promo Campaign in India 27-07-2016

UPDATED ON 4 March, 2024
NTB Promo Campaign in India 27-07-2016

NTB Promo Campaign has re-launched one of its successful promotional campaigns named “Garmi Se Behal, Chalo Nepal” in major Indian cities.

The campaign was previously run in India in 2010, as part of the pre-Nepal Tourism Year 2011 national campaign.

According to NTB launched on Monday, by circulating a post on social media.

NTB Promo Campaign said it is attracting 70,000 likes as of Tuesday. So, “These kinds of campaigns launched in other major tourism generating source markets more aggressively,” said NTB CEO Deepak Raj Joshi. “We have focused on social media networks to promote Nepal.”


Tourist arrivals to Nepal fell to a six-year low of 538,970 in 2015 as the April 25 earthquake. And subsequent Tarai unrest kept visitors away. Nepal received 251,148 fever tourists last year, representing a sharp drop of 31.78 percent to the 2014 figure.  Visitors from India dived 44.49 percent to a 13-year low of 75,124 individuals in 2015. Because in 2002, when the Maoist insurgency was at its height. And Indian visitor numbers decreased to 66,777.

Despite the sharp fall, India remains Nepal’s largest tourist source market.– Copied@ http://tourismheadline.com