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Manasalu Two Passes Trek – 2017

Manasalu Two Passes Trek - 2017

Manasalu Two Passes Trek – 2017, We had a fantastic time on the 24-day trek of the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuits.
In terms of Himalaya Guide Nepal, I couldn’t recommend the company enough. Our guide and porter were a lovely duo – great English and a lot of fun to spend that amount of time with. I thought the price was fair too. Manaslu you need to have a guide with you – they will check! – but Annapurna you can do without a guide.

The trail was gorgeous. I would recommend the Manaslu trek over Annapurna. Manaslu is the trail the whole way and almost empty of tourists (May 17). You still see a lot of Nepalese cultures, wildlife, and beauty. There are some landslide zones from the Earthquake but the tea houses etc are open for business.

Manasalu Two Passes Trek – 2017, I walked the Annapurna circuit in 2009 as well. I would say that it has changed a lot since then. The benefit for the community is great to see, but the trek has lost its appeal. You are essentially walking a jeep dirt track rather than a trail – it depends on what you want from a trek, if you are looking for beauty I would preferentially head to Manaslu.

Doing the circuits back to back was a lot of fun and if you are looking for a trek of this duration. I would highly recommend the trek and the company we went with.