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Annapurna Circuit – 2018

Annapurna Circuit 2018

What a trip! 
Annapurna Circuit 2018, Great weather, breathtaking views, and a friendly and helpful guide, what more can one ask for?
My luggage lost on my way to Nepal which resulted in my having to stay an extra day in Kathmandu. Chandra, from “Himalaya Guide Nepal”, was very helpful in communicating with the airline and arranging a driver for me to pick up my bags the following day. From that point on I met my guide Pratap. And we discussed the itinerary in the “Himalaya Guide Nepal Pvt.Ltd” office. And before I knew it off we were the next day.
Pratap and I got along well and we had a very successful and enjoyable trek together.

Annapurna Circuit 2018, An important factor to our having a successful and enjoyable trek, apart from the weather conditions and Pratap being very friendly helpful and kind, was also the mindset I brought with me to the adventure. If one goes in with high expectations for communication. Because they won’t be cultural differences or that the facilities will meet western standards, one could be disappointed.
Chandra and Pratap did them, to make sure I had an enjoyable trek, and I sure did.